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Pasadena, CA smiles gleam with professional teeth whitening

A sparkling white smile radiates youthfulness and oral health. You can get that look safely with professional teeth whitening at Pasadena Prosthodontics and General Dentistry in Pasadena, CA.

How whitening works

A woman with a white teeth and perfect smile

Teeth look pearly-smooth, but their surfaces are covered with tubules – microscopic channels that extend through enamel to the yellowish dentin layer underneath. A medical-grade peroxide formulation for whitening penetrates tubules, loosening and lifting pigments that tarnish your smile as it oxidizes. Professional whitening returns teeth to their original color, and with continued use can bleach enamel to a brighter shade. This is especially important to those with a genetically darker shade, or when enamel thins with age allowing dentin to show through.

Faster isn’t always better

Super-fast in-office whitening has become popular, but it isn’t necessarily the best solution. Light-activated whitening dehydrates enamel and can result in acute sensitivity.

Our dentists take extra steps to ensure a comfortable, successful whitening experience:

  • They take time to evaluate your oral health prior to whitening. Tooth decay, gum disease, and other dental issues must be addressed first.
  • Dental restorations – fillings, crowns, bridges, onlays, and inlays – do not respond to whitening. The dentist talks with you about options for sequencing replacement with whitening for even coloration.
  • Impressions are taken of your mouth to create application trays. These clear plastic appliances fit comfortably, snugly holding the bleaching gel on tooth surfaces for even whitening results (no dark lines between teeth).
  • You may wear the trays twice a day for 30 minutes, or overnight if you prefer, until you reach your whitening goals. Then, periodic re-treatment keeps your smile bright, even if you drink coffee or use tobacco.
  • The whitening process effectively cleanses tubules, so you may experience sensitivity. With professional whitening, you have the guidance of a trained dental team. The dentist can adjust your treatment schedule, apply topical fluoride, or add a buffering ingredient to your whitening gel to minimize this issue.

It is a good idea to learn about teeth whitening, whether you schedule for a smile makeover or just want to liven up your look. Call our Pasadena, CA office at 855.770.3737.

I love Dr. Marchack and his entire team. Anna is terrific as she is hospitable, empathetic and super detailed at what she does.