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Attractive ceramic dental bridges available in Pasadena, CA

Today’s patient is fortunate to have several sound options for replacement of missing teeth, and a prosthodontist is the most appropriate dentist to explain those choices. Dr. Christopher Marchack and Dr. Baldwin Marchack want to get every patient in the Pasadena, CA area into the most comfortable, functional, and good-looking smile possible. In many cases, that involves dental bridges.

Anatomy of a bridge

Dental implant bridge

A conventional dental bridge has three primary components:

  • Metal frame – For strength, coated with porcelain.
  • Dental crowns – Caps cemented onto prepared natural teeth or dental implants on each side of the space. Crowns may be metal, or porcelain fused to metal.
  • Pontics – Artificial teeth affixed in place by crowns.

The Drs. Marchack offers a beautiful, metal-free alternative – all ceramic dental bridges. These units are made from one span of metal-free material. Modern dental ceramics are extremely strong, suitable for back molar restorations, and have lovely aesthetics for front teeth. Both the gum portion and teeth are virtually indiscernible in the smile, and the material is biocompatible. Since there is no metal, the bridge does not show a dark line at the gum, and crowns and pontics have natural-looking translucency.

The procedure

Your smile can be restored with a dental bridge, usually in just two visits. Anchor teeth are reduced and shaped to allow crowns to fit snugly on top. Impressions are taken and used in design of the crown-and-bridge unit. At Pasadena Prosthodontics and General Dentistry, no detail is left to chance. The ceramic bridge is fabricated by an experienced technician at our in-house dental laboratory, with the dentist’s close oversight. Meanwhile, a temporary bridge is placed to protect prepared teeth and reinstate function and appearance.

When your new bridge is finished, you return to the office. The interim prosthetic is gently removed and fit of the final bridge is checked. Minute adjustments are made, and it is cemented into place. You receive home care instructions to help your bridge last many years.

Are dental bridges right for you? Schedule a consultation with Dr. Baldwin Marchack or Dr. Christopher Marchack in Pasadena, CA to find out. The number is 855.770.3737.

I love Dr. Marchack and his entire team. Anna is terrific as she is hospitable, empathetic and super detailed at what she does.