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Dental hygiene: Essential care for Pasadena, CA smiles

Dr. Baldwin Marchack and Dr. Christopher Marchack are happy to provide preventive care a few times annually, but you have the opportunity to maintain oral health 365 days a year. The dental hygiene team at Pasadena Prosthodontics and General Dentistry in Pasadena, CA is here to help!

Regular checkups

A hygiene visit begins with professional cleaning, called dental prophylaxis or “prophy.” Our hygienists are experienced clinicians, so skilled that they train others in the field. They use special instruments to gently scale away calculus – plaque that hardens into tartar above and below the gum line. They remove the sticky film of bacterial plaque that coats teeth, producing toxins that irritate gum tissue and initiate periodontal disease. Then remaining traces of plaque and surface stains are removed with a final polish.

The dentist performs a comprehensive examination, including:

  • Analysis of gum health and bone around teeth.
  • Checking each tooth for decay, fractures, chips, and wear.
  • Inspection of fillings, crowns, bridges, and other dental restorations.
  • Evaluation of fit and wear of dentures or other dental appliances.
  • Oral cancer screening. This painless check of soft tissues in the mouth, throat, lips, neck, and face takes only a few minutes, and it could ultimately save your life.
  • Periodic x-rays, with frequency depending on your age, oral condition, and risk factors.

Importance of x-rays

Our practice utilizes digital radiography – which creates high resolution images with minimal radiation exposure. X-rays give the dentist a look “inside,” to spot problems with oral development, hidden dental caries, bone loss, cysts, and tumors. Early detection allows the most efficient and economical treatment, with the least discomfort. X-rays are also critical to precise treatment planning.

Help with home care

Our hygiene team provides instruction and hands-on demonstration to help you keep your mouth healthy between visits. The dentist talks with you about nutrition and lifestyle habits that impact oral health. Aftercare and ongoing home hygiene is crucial to an uneventful recovery after a prosthodontic procedure and to preserve results.

Here, dental hygiene is a team effort to protect your beautiful smile. Call our Pasadena, CA office at 855.770.3737 to schedule an appointment.

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