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Dental implants: Supporting smiles in Pasadena, CA

Dental implants are truly a miracle of modern dentistry, supporting functional bite, maintaining healthy facial bone, and restoring a natural-looking smile. Dr. Baldwin Marchack and Dr. Christopher Marchack encourage anyone with missing teeth to schedule a consultation at their Pasadena, CA office to learn more about dental implants.

Essential implant information

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Each natural tooth has roots that reach into the jawbone for the stability necessary to withstand bite force. A dental implant mimics that function, with an artificial root made of a strong, biocompatible material. Osseointegration (bone fusing with the implant) creates a solid foundation for a dental restoration. Like a natural root, the implant provides vital stimulation to preserve bone, for a youthful facial appearance.

A dental implant is conservative – there is no impact to adjacent healthy teeth. It is meticulously placed during a brief, well-planned oral surgery. Only a small soft tissue incision is necessary, and usually just local numbing is sufficient.

It is a common misconception that dental implants are a new or untested procedure. Mankind has experimented with the technique for more than 4,000 years. Modern implantology became part of mainstream dentistry in this country in the early 1980s, largely due to the work of Swedish orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Per-Ingvar Brånemark, a personal friend of the Drs. Marchack. Today, no other dental procedure has been the subject of more studies, backing the success rate and longevity of dental implants.

Versatile technique

A dental implant is the go-to replacement option for a single missing tooth. However, there are multiple applications for implants:

  • Replace several teeth at various locations in the mouth, or even an entire arch.
  • Affix a dental bridge. With this technique, a span of up to five consecutive teeth can be replaced with just two implants.
  • Hold a full denture in place. As few as four specially-designed and strategically placed implants, provide a much higher level of stabilization than can be achieved with even the best-fitting floating denture. Implants provide support for back teeth dramatically improving chewing function.

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