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Why All on Four dental implants technique has high satisfaction rate in Pasadena, CA

Why All on Four dental implants technique has high satisfaction rate in Pasadena, CA

A great-fitting set of dentures makes a life-changing difference for people with no teeth. All on Four dental implant treatments, takes that quality of life improvement a step further, providing amazing stability and comfort. Pasadena, CA prosthodontist, Dr. Christopher Marchack, explains the concept, and why his patients in all walks of life love their new smiles so much.

Basic information about dental implants

Natural teeth have roots that extend deep into jawbone. In addition to anchoring teeth in place, these roots provide vital stimulation that signals the body to keep facial bone dense and strong. A dental implant serves these purposes when a tooth is missing.

Many people confuse a crown with a dental implant. An implant replaces the tooth root, while a porcelain crown restoration is often used to finish the replacement of a single missing tooth. The implant is a rod made of titanium or other biocompatible material, shaped something like a small screw. Through 3D digital imagery and computer-aided planning combined with the doctor’s skill, a precise strategy for placement of the implant is developed.

In a brief oral surgery, a small incision is made in gum tissue, as well as an opening in bone. The implant is placed into this hole. In some cases, soft tissue is closed with a few sutures, or a healing cap may extend above the gum line. In either case, the site heals quickly. Meanwhile, through a natural process called osseointegration, the implant becomes solidly fused into jawbone. This becomes the foundation for a restoration.

If a tooth has been missing for 18 months or more, bone has likely resorbed, or diminished in thickness and strength. Dr. Marchack can supplement the area with modern bone grafting techniques so that the patient can enjoy the benefits of a dental implant restoration.

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When implants and dentures work together

When implants and dentures work togetherSo, what do dental implants have to do with dentures? In the experienced care of Dr. Marchack, it means smiling, speaking, and chewing with a level of confidence you probably didn’t think was possible for denture-wearers.

This technique uses four specially-designed dental implants per arch, with a combination of straight and angled placement that provides superior traction in bone. Because the implants are smaller, grafting is usually not necessary. Instead of a crown restoration, implants have threaded abutments. This screw-retained system moors the denture with great stability.

Why Pasadena, CA patients love All on Four dental implants

  • Same day smiles – With All on Four, replacement teeth are designed and fabricated in advance. The denture (sometimes called a fixed implant bridge) is placed immediately on the day of surgery. The prosthetic protects the mouth as it heals. If extractions are necessary, the denture is adjusted or replaced when recovery is complete to ensure comfortable, functional fit.
  • Natural appearance – Teeth and gums look extremely lifelike. Other people will have no idea you have replacement teeth. However, they probably will compliment your beautiful smile.
  • Fewer implants – Just four for the upper or lower arch, compared to five to ten with other methods.
  • Graftless – The smaller implant design provides secure grip with minimal risk of sinus complications.
  • Restored function – A well-designed and properly fitted implant-retained denture reinstates nearly full chewing function. Imagine eating foods you love again!
  • Comfort – This type of prosthetic is smaller and lighter than a conventional denture. The upper arch does not cover the palate, so you taste foods and sense temperature more naturally.
  • Convenience – You will need to learn a few new techniques to keep your mouth clean and healthy. Don’t worry – the hygiene team at Pasadena Prosthodontics provides hands-on instruction, and patients adapt quickly to this daily regimen.
  • Bone preservation – The implants act like tooth roots, keeping facial bone strong, for a more youthful appearance. All on Four implants help to prevent a sunken appearance that draws the nose too close to the chin, causes lips to thin, and skin to sag.

Dr. Christopher Marchack and his father, Dr. Baldwin Marchack have been part of the Pasadena community for decades. Their commitment to providing top quality care is unsurpassed because they are treating friends and neighbors, as well as patients spanning the country and globe.

Your smile deserves this level of personalized attention from experts in the field tooth replacement. Call 855.770.3737 to schedule a consultation at Pasadena Prosthodontics.

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