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In Pasadena, CA aesthetic dental care goes far beyond teeth whitening

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Most people think there is a definite delineation between cosmetic dentistry and restorative dental care. At Pasadena Prosthodontics, however, tremendous attention is given to the aesthetic aspect of every treatment. Dr. Baldwin Marchack and Dr. Christopher Marchack in Pasadena, CA want your smile to look as great as it feels and functions! Aesthetic dental care services available in Pasadena, CA  “Prosthodontics” literally refers to the design, fabrication, and fitting of artificial teeth or parts of teeth. We believe that is supremely important to the aesthetics of your smile. While we, of course, offer professional teeth whitening, our menu of smile-enhancing … Continue reading

Why All on Four dental implants technique has high satisfaction rate in Pasadena, CA

Why All on Four dental implants technique has high satisfaction rate in Pasadena, CA

A great-fitting set of dentures makes a life-changing difference for people with no teeth. All on Four dental implant treatments, takes that quality of life improvement a step further, providing amazing stability and comfort. Pasadena, CA prosthodontist, Dr. Christopher Marchack, explains the concept, and why his patients in all walks of life love their new smiles so much. Basic information about dental implants Natural teeth have roots that extend deep into jawbone. In addition to anchoring teeth in place, these roots provide vital stimulation that signals the body to keep facial bone dense and strong. A dental implant serves these … Continue reading