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  • Rachel J.
    Rachel J.

    I was referred to Dr Chris Marchack by one of the best OMFS Professionals in the country, because I had a very complex dental case. I travel 93 miles one way from Temecula just to see Dr Chris. I would travel farther if needed. Dr Chris and his entire staff are incredible. I wasn’t sure if I would ever have upper teeth again. Dr Chris not only gives me his utmost attention and professional care, he worked closely with my OMFS. He arranged to have a representative present to make sure the strict protocol was followed precisely. I’ve had nothing but positive and wonderful experiences, I actually look forward to my appointments. Dr Chris has given me MY smile back. Friends that have known me before say my smile looks EXACTLY the way it did before my misfortune. Dr Chris has gone ABOVE and BEYOND for me. I am so Thankful for finding him, and I can’t imagine anyone else helping me through this tragic ordeal. Dr Chris assured me every time I saw him that I would be eating anything and everything I want, and he definitely delivered on his promise. And his staff helped me at some very low points when I was afraid of never having teeth to chew food again. They assured me and comforted me as well that everything would be ok. They have all cheered me on and I am so grateful for being emotionally and physically restored by such amazing people.

  • Carole J.
    Carole J.

    I’m a tiny woman whose small mouth leaves very little margin for error and on top of it I’m impatient, claustrophic and high strung. Dr. Chris and his wonderful assistant Amber have been Godsends to me on every imaginable level. When they say they’ll be there for you, they mean it. They are kind, compassionate and sensitive to the highest degree and even on his busiest day, Chris makes time for you and makes you feel like you’re his only patient. When it comes to his work, Dr. Chris is an artist of the highest caliber whose craftsmanship leaves other dentists breathless. He’s highly creative, intuitive and sensitive and is willing and able to think outside the box when a problem arises. This is expensive stuff, and he’s found ways to save me thousands of dollars. He’s also saved me from myself on several occasions by encouraging me to stick out a rough patch rather than go backwards, all without losing his patience with me. I can’t imagine a more difficult and challenging job than what he does: making people who have lost teeth as comfortable and happy with their appearance as they were when they had natural teeth. This isn’t filling-cavities-dentistry; this is highly-exacting rocket science where a fraction of a millimeter can throw the whole works off. With a dental lab on site, quality control is virtually guaranteed and repairs are speedy. There’s a reason Chris teaches dentists all over the world how to do what he does. You won’t find a more enlightened, skilled, humble or caring prosthsodontist anywhere else on the planet.

  • Sheila S.
    Sheila S.

    Seven years ago I began the search for a new dentist. Asking friends who, like myself, needed or has had lots of dental work my interview process was narrowed to 1 general dentist and 3 prosthodontists. Over the years I’ve lost much of the enamel on my teeth resulting in sometimes painful sensitivity. Dr. Chris Marchak was the last of the 4 dentists / prosthodontists that I interviewed and how lucky I was that a friend had recommended him. Dr. Marchak was the only one who immediately recognized the cause of the enamel erosion, Acid Reflux, and before treating my teeth Dr. Marchak said the cause needed to be treated first.
    This not only told me about Dr. Marchak’s knowledge but also of his integrity. Over the years Dr Marchak and I have worked together to both save and restore my teeth with a long term plan. Dr. Marchak is one of the most patient professionals I’ve ever worked with, he is thorough in his explanations, including both causes and results, while providing options.
    I was shocked to read S H’s review and would be surprised if there’s more to the story than on the surface.
    Dr. Marchak’s work is impeccable, the office professional and is highly recommend.

  • Tod P.
    Tod P.

    I’ve been seeing Dr B. Marchack for 2 years now, after a long hiatus from the dentist and have to say that I actually enjoy it. The people there are very friendly and professional and do darn fine work. if you’re in Pasadena and looking for a dentist, definitely give them a try. And tell em Tod sent ya!!!

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