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Pasadena, CA prosthodontist provides partial dentures for effective tooth replacement

Partial Dentures in Pasadena CA area

If you are missing teeth, removable partial dentures is a great option for replacing them. Partial dentures improve your ability to speak clearly, chew food, and they will support the face so that your facial contours do not droop and make you look older. If you are in the Pasadena, CA area and have been looking for an affordable and effective method to replace missing teeth, you should call Pasadena Prosthodontics at 855.770.3737.

Reasons to replace missing teeth

When permanent teeth are lost, it leaves an empty space, or gap, in the mouth. If the tooth is not replaced, remaining teeth may begin to move into the gap. This can also cause additional teeth to shift toward the gap. Missing teeth have a major impact on your bite and can cause stress on the jaw. Additionally, if teeth start drifting, it can affect alignment, making it more difficult to clean teeth that have shifted, increasing the risk for decay or gum disease.

How removable partial dentures work

Removable partial dentures are typically made of an acrylic base that is matched to the color of the gums with replacement teeth attached to the base. The acrylic base typically covers a metal structure and clasps that attach the dentures to natural teeth, stabilizing them.

Some patients may need crowns placed on some of the natural teeth in order to improve how the removable partial denture fits inside the mouth.

Getting used to your new dentures

Partial dentures require an adjustment period. During this time, the dentures may feel strange or even tight, but over time, patients will adapt to the appliance. It’s important to practice putting in and taking out the denture, and to make sure to never force a denture in by biting down. This could cause the appliance to break.

Partial dentures are not made to wear all day and night. Most of the time we recommend that individuals remove the dentures to sleep and put them back in in the morning. Follow-up appointments will be scheduled to monitor the fit of the dentures.

For more information on partial dentures and other tooth replacement options in Pasadena, call 855.770.3737.


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