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Restore your gums to health with gum disease treatment in Pasadena, CA

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While periodontal (gum) disease is an incredibly common issue that occurs in over half of the adults in the United States, it is not something that should be taken lightly. Aside from the damage to your oral health that gum disease can cause, it has also been linked to serious and deadly systemic problems such as heart attacks, strokes, and diabetes. At Pasadena Prosthodontics, patients in the Pasadena, CA area have effective treatment options for gum disease that are personalized for their specific oral health needs and preferences.

Treatment for gum disease

Treatment for gum disease starts with a thorough examination and evaluation of the extent of the disease progression in your mouth. From there, Dr. Christopher Marchack will recommend one or more treatment options for your individual needs. He will discuss the pros and cons of your choices so that you feel completely comfortable and confident in your path towards gum health.

For people with mild cases of gingivitis, the great news is that with good home care and regular periodontal cleanings at the office, patients can typically reverse their symptoms and keep the disease controlled. Patients suffering from more severe forms of periodontitis also have many options for regaining the health of their smile.

  • Deep cleanings of the periodontal tissues and teeth beneath the gum line, called scaling, help to eliminate the bacteria and plaque that contribute to gum disease
  • Root planing is used to smooth the surfaces of the tooth roots, which reduces the bacteria, plaque, and tartar build up and helps your gums re-attach to the tooth surface more effectively
  • Flap surgery, in which part of the gum tissue is lifted away from the tooth root, may be recommended to effectively clean the pockets and to perform a more in-depth scaling and root planing
  • Oral or topical antibiotic treatments can also be used to help eradicate the bacteria contributing to gum disease
  • If you have experienced gum recession, Dr. Marchack may recommend soft tissue grafting to restore healthy gum tissue and cover exposed tooth roots that can be causing sensitivity and other issues for your oral health
  • Sometimes, gum disease leads to loss of healthy bone, resulting in loose teeth or even tooth loss; in this case, bone grafting or other state-of-the-art techniques may be recommended to regenerate new, healthy bone to support your smile
  • If you have suffered from tooth loss, Dr. Marchack offers multiple options for tooth replacement to meet a wide variety of needs, such as dental implants, bridges, and complete or partial dentures
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If you notice that your gums are bleeding, puffy, red, or irritated, you may be experiencing gum disease and it is important to seek treatment sooner rather than later. The earlier that gum disease is detected, the easier and less costly it is to treat. For your individualized consultation and to learn about the treatment options that are right for you, call Pasadena Prosthodontics today at 855.770.3737.


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